Exceeded my expectations and went well above what I have experienced with previous lawyers...

Posted by Abel, a Divorce client, 2 years ago

"I would give Vance Redmond the highest recommendation without reservation. One of the first things Vance told me was, "you just worry about being a good doctor, and I'll handle your legal issues." True to his word, he instilled confidence in me. He was amazingly responsive and did everything he said he would do in a timely and thorough manner. He took charge of my case, invested the appropriate amount of time obtaining the relevant facts, and then he figured out the optimal approach and executed the plan. I could not have been more pleased. I would say that the most important thing I got out of our professional interactions is peace of mind that my legal issues would be handled as well as could be (and that is priceless!). I have worked closely with well over a dozen lawyers in the past, and I would easily put him at the top of the list!”

A Good Attorney Right When I Needed One!

Posted by a Divorce client, 2 years ago

“I had a difficult case concerning custody of my children after my husband left and filed for divorce. I had spoken with several attorneys in several counties and consulted with even more before deciding to go with Mr. Redmond. He was one of the few who really listened to my concerns in addition to having confidence that I could get my kids back (had an unofficial nearly 50/50 schedule that was too difficult on my young children). Every attorney I consulted with in my county practically threw their hands up in defeat concerning the current schedule, stating there was nothing I could do to change it, leaving me feeling like it was hopeless. Not Mr. Redmond. He was confident things could be changed, and almost immediately upon hiring him, they were! He took the bull by the horns and with his expertise, formulated a plan and gave me the courage to carry out what I needed to do. He was aggressive, which I appreciated and needed in the beginning; and yet, when I explained that my intentions were not to destroy my husband in any way, he understood completely and handled matters of correspondence with the opposing party with grace, finesse, and an "easy going" attitude, while maintaining a strong initiative to protect my rights, which I also greatly appreciated. Due to Mr. Redmond's representation, the judge ordered custody, support, and alimony in my favor following our court case. Despite the circumstance, my relationship with my husband progressed in a positive direction and upon Mr. Redmond's insight and initiative, my husband and I found ourselves discussing reconciliation (an answer to my prayers). I was satisfied with Mr. Redmond's professionalism, service, and results. He was personable and flexible, experienced and confident - a good attorney to have on my side. I would recommend him to anyone needing legal help.”

A professional he's direct, reliable and most of all trustworthy!

Posted by George, a Family client, 2 years ago

“I found myself living 500 miles away, needing a family law attorney. I can't tell you the stress that causes. I started checking on line for attorneys and spoke with several, but I just didn't feel comfortable with them handling my case. I was very fortunate to finally talk with Mr. Redmond. I explained my custody / visitation needs and my concerns about living so far away and having to rely on someone, I could not meet face to face. I can tell you, I made the right choice, having Vance represent me. He kept me informed, via email, phone and fax. Vance responded promptly to my concerns reducing a lot of the stress I was feeling. When I finally met Vance the day before my court appearance, he went over the entire case and what could be expected. On the day of court he was able to resolve my case in only 3 hours, I had been dealing with these same issues for the past 10 years! If you need a family law attorney, you can trust Vance to work hard for you, he definitely worked for me.”

Amazing and knowledgeable

Posted by Mina, a Family client, 2 years ago

“Mr. Redmond is one of the best attorneys I have met. He knows the law and informs his clients of everything they need to know. He is patient and kind and explains every detail about your case before going into pretrial, trial etc. He knows the law very well and is very informative and keeps his clients informed of every matter regarding your case. He is a kind and honest man! I hired him 3 wks before my custody merits case and we won!!!!!!!!!! If you need an attorney he is the man. Mr. Redmond will get the job done!!!! Mr. Redmond was one of the best things that happened in my life! He got my kids for me and I never Once had to ask him to do anything!!!!! He had everything under control!!!!!!!”

Hoping to never see him again BUT should I need counsel, it will definitely be him!

Posted by Kayla, a Child Custody client, 2 years ago

“Mr. Redmond handled my child custody and divorce in Anne Arundel County. I owe him more than money could ever pay. My maintaining custody of my children and being granted an absolute divorce can be directly credited to Mr. Redmond's aggressive and knowledgeable approach to my case. The opposing party would never had settled if it weren't for the pressure put on them by Mr Redmond. I was also impressed with Mr. Redmond's extensive familiarity with my personal situation and my case. We communicated on a regular basis and he was always quick to respond when I needed guidance. When we talked, he never needed me to catch him up or remind him of details. He was always on top of it and knew exactly where we were and what I was talking about. He always discussed our options with how to proceed forward to ask for my input and how I wanted my case handled. I was always involved and included in all decisions and courtesy copied in all emails. In summation, I was blown away by Mr. Redmond's knowledge, professionalism, aggressive approach, dedication, and communication skills. I hope to never need his services again but should I find myself in that situation, I will absolutely call him. I've already personally recommended him to two good friends of mine!”

Extremely Trustworthy, Honest, Personable and Talented Attorney

Posted by Elizabeth, a Child Custody client, 4 years ago

“I have worked with several attorneys, and what stands out about Vance is his professionalism and high ethical standards. Not only is he exceptionally competent, but you will always know that he is working in your best interest, and you will be fully informed regarding the specifics of your situation and process. This matters a great deal, as many attorneys don't spend the time/effort educating their clients and helping them get comfortable with the process. It's also important to note - Vance is well spoken and not easily rattled, which matters, if you end up in court. I have no hesitancy in fully recommending Vance for anyone considering, or going through a divorce situation.”

Vance Redmond got me back in my child's life

Posted by Greg, a Child Custody client, 4 years ago

“My experience with Vance Redmond was more than pleasurable. He got results for me that well exceeded my expectations. In my opinion he is the best attorney in the world. He worked very hard on my case to get me the best results possible. He was available when I needed him the most. He returned my phone calls diligently. He kept me abreast about all new developments in my case. He was very proactive. His strategy was carried out without flaw. I would highly recommend Vance Redmond to any parent who is going through custody issues in the court system, especially fathers.”

Fantastic Lawyer

Posted by a Child Custody client, 4 years ago

“I hired Mr. Redmond just three weeks before my initial court date after learning of a change that the defendant wanted to make in which I did not agree with. He took my case on short notice, and has been nothing but professional, knowledgeable, and honest throughout the process. The initial court hearing went off without a hitch. We are currently still handling the case, but I felt as though I should write a review to share my positive experience with Mr. Remond thus far in hopes others could benefit from his experience and professionalism. I plan on writing another review for him once the case has ended to share the remainder of my experience. I am sure it will be nothing short of stellar.”

Excellent knowledgeable, Confident, Trustworthy Attorney

Posted by a Divorce client, 4 years ago

“I attended Mr.Vance's workshop on Seperation /Divorce and he got me to understand the legal process and the do's and dont's in such situation.He was very knowledgeable in his field,and to the point in his comments/statements.I was amazed at his quick answers to the questions put forth,and his explinations got me to understand the extent of his knowledge in such matters.His confidence did build up mine,to know after all my battle is not a lost one.”

Outstanding Services

Posted by Steven, a Divorce client, 4 years ago

“I am very pleased with Vance’s approach to me as a client. He took the time to understand and consider my concerns and ideas when making his recommendations and providing the expertise that comes with his training and experience. He prepared me for the realities of a very difficult divorce process and made sure I was properly prepared and in the loop on all apects of the case. I highly recommend Mr. Redmond.”

Lawyer I would highly orderrecommend for all aspects of a divorce.

Posted by Jennifer, a Divorce client, 4 years ago

“I rate Mr. Vance Redmond as a great attorney for divorces. I had a very bad experience with another attorney. She wasn't knowledgeable in the area that she was practicing in (divorce/child custody). She really messed up my case in several aspects. Plus I ended up paying her 50,000. When I first spoke with Mr. Redmond on the phone, he was very sympathetic to my case. It was very impressive he knowledgeable he was in dealing with all aspects of divorce. He cared so much that he spoke to me for a few hours without charging me. After I met with him, I knew that he was the lawyer for me, so I hired him right away. When I finally had my court case, I won everything that was asked for...half of my ex-husband's retirement, a great amount of child support, the marital property that was owed to me, and $5,000.00 in court fees. Even after the court care, Mr. Redmond was very responsive. When my ex-husband didn't do what the court ordered, Mr. Redmond was right there for me. He didn't let anything slide. I am about to re-open my child custody case and I have complete faith that Mr. Redmond will put forth all his efforts in that case, as well. I highly recommend Mr. Redmond to anyone looking for an excellent attorney with any aspect of divorce. He honestly cares about you, is very responsive and knowledgeable in his area of practice, and will try his hardest to get you what you deserve.”

Responsive, courteous and knowledgeable are just a few words I would use to recommend Vance Redmond

Posted by Melissa, a Divorce client, 4 years ago

“Being from out of state, it was very intimidating to try to find someone we could trust with my finacee's divorce. Mr. Redmond corresponded with me for almost a month (about 20 emails) b/f we actually engaged his services! He answered our questions and put our fears to rest. He is on top of his game~I've never known another attorney to be as prompt in responding to our emails and phone calls. His knowledge of family law is excellent, and we look forward to a satisfactory conclusion to this matter. Very trustworthy!”

Responsive...Knowledgeable...Straight forward...Quick Thinking...

Posted by Doug, a Family client, 4 years ago

“Quick, responsive and accommodating are all words I would use to describe Vance. I would also add "diligent" and "engaging" with a straight forward approach to the practice of law. Vance came in late on my case and worked diligently to bring himself up to speed. His knowledge and expertise averted a potentially costly and lengthy trial. We were fortunate enough to settle the case. However, had my case gone to trial I am confident Vance would have handled himself with strength and poise. It is not easy finding a lawyer who is prepared to litigate, Vance was.”

Attorney Review

Posted by a Divorce client, 5 years ago

“Vance was incredibly reliable and kept me constantly informed as changes occurred during my divorce proceedings. My spouse and I initially went through mediation but I was not satisfied with the agreement that was drawn up. After retaining Vance the final settlement agreement improved substantially in my favor.”

Professional, informative, flexible and no-nonsense lawyer with polite staff and very personable.

Posted by Kristina, a Divorce client, 5 years ago

“Vance accepted my case, 2 months into my marriage separation. I was currently with another firm and very dissatisfied with the progress and communication or lack of, that I was receiving. After sitting down for the first time with Vance I knew I was in the right place. He took my case and ran with it, while keeping me informed via e-mail and phone calls every step of the way. Vance has multiple ways of being reached and is very quick to respond. He is very professional, polite, moral, and pleasent to be around. Vance has productive work ethics and doesn't waste your time or money. Tell him what you want the end result to be, and he will tell you how to get there and what to expect. He prepares you for upcoming events and will not let you down. The paraprofessionals that work with Vance are very polite and professional.”

Brilliant Attorney

Posted by Karen, a Family client, 5 years ago

“Mr. Redmond was an excellent attorney. He gave me the best advice that I followed and everything worked out well. I would definitely recommend him for advocacy and representation in legal matters.”

Couldn't have asked for more.

Posted by Michelle, a Child Custody client, 5 years ago

“Mr. Redmond took on my case with only a few days notice. I was very uneasy about going into court without an attorney and he proved why I made the right decision having someone represent me. He is extremely knowledgeable about the laws and the court process and took the time to explain both to me so I knew what to expect. When I had questions or concerns he responded to my emails/phone calls very quickly even if he wasn't in the office. In court, his expertise, professionalism and confidence were very apparent which made me more comfortable during a stressful time. He is an excellent lawyer and I would recommend him as well as use him again in the future.”