About Me 

I've been in private practice for 15+ years. After completing a judicial clerkship in 1995, I opened my own law office in Rockville, MD. Since then, I've enjoyed practicing law in small firms but I always return to the flexibility of my own practice, where I may choose to take a case and help a client I couldn't help if I was practicing at a bigger law firm.

I represent clients throughout Maryland and in Virginia and Washington, D.C. on a pro hac vice basis. Although I take other types of cases, the bulk of my practice is divorce-related and includes litigation and mediation related to issues including, but not limited to: alimony, child support, contempt, custody, equitable distribution, division of retirement assets, modification and other post-judgment litigation.  I also handle civil litigation arising from other practice areas including guardianship and personal injury. I live in Arlington, VA with my wife and three children.